Shabo Classic

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In 2010 we won the competition and we began to cooperate with Manufacturing and Trading Company Shabo. Inspired by what we saw during a tour around the winery and the Museum of wine, we set to work with zeal. We developed a new identity for TM SHABO, website, redesigned 3 lines of still wines and 3 lines of cognacs.

Every time, starting to create a new packaging concept, we tried to follow the latest world’s trends of packaging design. Besides that we didn’t forget about the use of new technologies in the design and manufacture of bottle packaging.

For TM SHABO we also developed packaging for new products, including: 2 lines of sparkling wines and grape vodka. Created promotional materials on the basis of interesting 3D-visualizations.
When designing elements for the line of bottles of sparkling wine we offered an original solution for shape of collar label.

Thanks to unusual design sparkling wine SHABO stood out favorably “on the shelf” among competitors. And, literally “fired”, instantly becoming popular.